Magnifying Christ through Worship
Assisting Believers through Discipleship
Touching the Lost through Evangelism
Communing Together through Fellowship
Helping People Serve Christ through Ministry

We at First Assembly are a loving church family that believes that God has a divine plan for every person. the family of First Assembly desires to MAGNIFY the Lord through Worship in every area of life. We are determined to worship Him in all we do and make His Praises, His Power, and His Provisions known to all who desire to know the joy of salvation that fills our hearts.

We desire to ASSIST Believers through Discipleship. Believers will learn about God\\\'s intimate plan for their lives through weekly church services, Bible studies, daily prayer, and reading of God\\\'s Word resulting in individuals growing in their personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

We desire to TOUCH the Lost through Evangelism by reaching out and inviting all people groups in our community who do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to partake of the free gift of eternal life found in no one other than Jesus Christ.

We desire to COMMUNE Together through Fellowship by walking in the power and the unity of the Holf Spirit of God and encouraging each other as we walk and serve Christ allowing the Love for God to be seen by the Love we have for each other.

We desire to HELP People to Serve Christ through Ministry by equipping all believers for the work of the ministry in order for the Kingdom of God to have increase. We desire to train and raise up anointed servant leaders who will lead ministries by example, dedication, and honor that brings glory to Christ, strength to His Chruch, and produces continual growth in individuals that seek God resulting in multiplication of other ministries